Saturday, December 8, 2007

SCORE...we're Done! NOT

Sitting here on this Saturday afternoon, I'm wondering if I should head over to the VBC. See, for the past 3 Saturdays, I've been living with Evan, Blake and Jon in the smallest room ever created by an architect. "The Cave" is not being occupied, to my knowledge, at this moment, and it feels really weird.

We finally had our Gala. Never thought that I would see that day. However, now that it's over and we finally got to see the movie all the way through, we know that there needs to be things adjusted. Personally I think that the Gala was a huge success, but as I watching the movie, I was mentally editing it, and I don't know if I will ever be satisfied. Granted we had issues right up to the Gala, but knowing what we want it to look like is something that I will always have on my mind.

We still have plenty to work out. I'm planning on going in sometime in the next day or so just because there is still much more that I want to work on before Tuesday, our second screening. After Tuesday, who knows...

I'm sad that I'm leaving next semester because I still want to be apart of the post-production process. But I'm confident in leaving it in the hands of my fellow VBCer's. Because if there is one thing that I learned this semester, it's being able to let go and trust other people, because they want everything that I want for the project.

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