Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Getting to know Burris

I'm endlessly impressed by the community that Burris has created. All of my interviews, conversations and interactions with Burris High School have strengthened my first impression: a small community that is proud of its students and that strives to give them the best opportunities possible.

I met with Gerri Black today, a girl living away from home at sixteen, attending high school classes and taking part in a year-round volleyball program. And yet she is completely balanced- finding time to do work with a rigorous athletic program and training to put herself in the best possible position for her senior year of volleyball, and finding time to meet with some strange college girl eager to know everything about her school career. I was honestly blown away by the maturity these girls have and the discipline they are able to instill in themselves.

The player-coach relationship is only one example of the incredible amount of respect one sees when spending time in this small community. Parents respect the determination of their players and the community respects the programs, everyone doing all they can to support each other. Student-athletes devote themselves to their sport and maintain a high level of respect for themselves, as well. The more time I spend with Burris community members, the more I become intrigued and find myself looking for more interviews, asking more questions.

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