Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm pumped!

I just wanted to start this off by saying how excited I am to be working on this project. This has been an awesome week meeting and getting to know everyone. I have to say my biggest surprise was actually going to the game on Tuesday and watching the girls play. They really blew me away with how good and talented they are. I have always been a proponent of girls being able to have the same opportunities in sports as guys, but I think I fell into the trap of thinking that and never acting on it. I never really took the time to watch a lot of women's sports and appreciate the hard work and talent the athletes have. Already this project has changed the perspective I have on "title IX" and the way I view women's sports.

I had a great time on Tuesday shooting with Blake, (even though I only shot about 10 seconds). It was a lot of fun learning how to use the camera and practicing following the ball and the players. I have absolutely no experience with filming and using cameras so it was a new experience for me. I'm really excited to learn more new things this semester, including getting to know the whole project team better.

As an anthropology major, it is rare to be able to work on something like this. Anthropology is a very traditional discipline that doesn't stray far from the classroom, except for archaeology. However, anthropological documentaries are an emerging subfield that is growing in popularity. So, I"m really anxious to see what this project is going to add to my perception of my major as a whole.

Well I'll stop rambling now but I just want to say that I hope that everyone is as excited as I am about being a part of this. I'll see you all shortly.

Go Owls!
-Aaron L.


Jamie Mellen said...

Hey, having an anthropology major around is good for the class's perspective as well.

adam wilson said...

go owls! woo!