Sunday, August 26, 2007

Reeling to Go

Hello all,

First off, I just want to second everything Aaron had to say about Title IX and such. I'd also like to say that I, too, am extremely pumped about working on this documentary. With the group of people we have, I think we're going to turn out a really good film. What I gathered from meeting you all this week is that we all were expecting to produce a film that is on par with professional studio work, and I think that is awesome.

I am also enjoying analyzing other films. I think it is crucial to determine what angle we want to produce ours from. I've found myself watching TV different lately. I am constantly listening to the audio for gliches, which I kind of did already, but now I am really paying attention to style and production quality for different interviews/talkshows. It's interesting to see how different stations and shows do things a little differently.

That said, I'm also getting really anxious to start some big time work on this project and see how the season and characters shape the narrative we present. And that work is definitely getting ready to show itself.



Jamie Mellen said...

Love the post title.

Jon! said...

I agree very much with your sentiments; I look forward to working with everyone very much

audrey carlson said...

I'm so excited and I'm just hoping that everything ends up working out with the filming and interviews. But that's what documentary film making is all about. No one is going to please everyone. But we have a great group to work with and I can tell that everyone is really hard working so that is great.