Monday, September 3, 2007

Burris Booster's Club

Going to the Booster's Club meeting was interesting. I never went to a meeting of my high school's club, but it was very prominent in our community. I enjoyed meeting some of the parents in the Burris community and allowing us all to get further acquainted with each other and the project itself.

While the club has a long way to go, since this is the first time in about five years since a Booster's Club has met, they seem to be right on track to creating a successful program. The members (or soon to be members) had some great ideas and input. There will be plenty for us at the VBC to help out with if and when they need us, and I think that's great.

One thing that was really solidified at the meeting was how close of a community Burris is. When one woman was mentioned as someone's mom, every Burris parent and coach in that room knew who she was. I went to a high school of about 1300 and it would take me forever to try and describe someone who wasn't in my close group of friends to my parents. This strong community is what will drive this club and make it work. I look forward to watching the Booster's Club get on their feet and help out their kids and the rest of the kids in the community.

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